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Hilfsprojekt MARIPHIL e.V.

managed by Monique Krensel

About us

Hilfsprojekt-Mariphil was founded 2001 and it's Members are from different Educations and with different Skills. All Members believe in doing more for those, whose who do have less prospects.
We see the needy humans and not their religion,colour,social or cultural Background. For our Projects we trust in personally known People onsite.
Our Project-Region on Mindanao/Philippines are the districts of Carmen and Panabo, approx. 50km north of Davao. Most of the approx. 200.000 People there are living on a minimum living wage, without a real chance to get out of their situations by themselves.

What Mariphil does:
- Scholarships via Godparenthoods
- Health Education and Prevention
- Environment Protection and Renewable Energy
- Education and Advertising
- Clean Drinking-Water
- Coverage for Disease or Accident

Latest project news

Wir haben 204,75 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Monique Krensel  14 December 2023 at 07:33 AM

MARIPHIL e.V. verwendet die Spenden für unsere Aktion Reissack auf den Philippinen um so vielen Menschen und Familien wie möglich ein hungerfreies Weihnachten generieren zu können. 

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Monique Krensel

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