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Jorafarm & Associates

managed by I. Atoloye

About us

The organisation is aimed at empowering youths and rural populace in beekeeping. We offer trainings on the local use of bee hives, processing and marketing of hive products including honey, beewax, propolis and bee venom. The organisation has strained so many farmers but can not provide them with hives, smokers, bee hives and presser for the farmers. Often time we encounter complaints on how to get fund in starting their projects. The first step is making of hives.

We are looking up to people to help in provision of hives for the farmers we have trained. We intend to give them two each and we hope they will be able to make more since it is sustainable. Local materials will be used in the making of the hives.

Latest project news

Inspired to do more

  A. akande  26 July 2016 at 06:53 PM

We are really happy at putting smiles on peoples' faces. We have been inspired to touch more lives and have decided to scale-up our fundraising. We hope to receive your support in achieving this great feat.

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House 1 Akiriboto Oke, Opp. Ayedaade L/Gvt.

I. Atoloye

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