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Agriculture for Liberia Inc.

managed by Anthony K.C. C.

About us

The project is located in the Fendell Community,in Careysburg city, Montserrado County. Our project is located in Liberia, he have two acre of land. These two acres give us a total land area of 8,000 square meters. On these acres, we want to use an acre for pineapple production and another for animal production. We also intend to lease two other acres that we can use for vegetables crop production. Since these two other acres are not our. We will use it to produce vegetable crops that have a life span of 3 months to one year. We will also have the option to pay for the other two acres in two years. We intend to make this project the most successful and the reality of bringing agriculture to Liberians. We want to reach a mile stone in two years, so we expect the project to be at it peak in 2015. Provided the supports are available. Since the Liberian civil war damaged most of our production facilities and destroyed all seed reserves; including all small ruminants and backyard mini poultry production throughout the length and breadth of Liberia from the early 1990 up to present, some meat and fish with inadequate calories for consumption has post a constrained to agriculture production given rise to 100% importation of unfit meat product from anywhere to Liberia. There are many children and older people who are suffering from malnutrition because of poor dietary condition. It is projected that about 74,000 Liberians children will die from malnutrition from 2009 to 2015. There are countless older persons in our community who cannot afford the high cost of imported meat. As such many of them are malnutrition patient in our community.

To make matter unbearable, our government has place a band on the hunting of wildlife which was normally used for table meat consumption in Liberia.
The global crises for adequate food production and self sufficiency especially domestic animal production for meat purposes has led to several initiatives at governmental level and yet full impact had not been felt by the low income populace. Even at that, the purchasing price for those highly preservative meat and fish have become so alarming for the ordinary Liberian who are living below less than 0ne dollar- fifty cent United States dollar( USD 1.50) a day and are more than 75% of the population.


Fendell Community

Anthony K.C. C.

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