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Berlin Bilingual School Pfefferwerk gGmbH

managed by B. Weber

About us

Berlin Bilingual School offers affordable, high-quality education for English-German bilingual families.
The school provides a stimulating learning environment from grades 1 – 13 that nurtures the spirit of inquiry and challenges pupils to develop their unique set of talents and skills. A student-centered approach encourages pupils to take charge of their learning process and become creative, independent thinkers.
The hallmark of our community is teamwork and cooperation among students, staff and parents. Our school is a welcoming community that promotes values of respect, diversity, and responsibility.
We inspire a joy for life-long learning and a passion for engagement that will empower our students as local and global citizens to take their place in the world.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €2,628.53

  Tobias Goecke  27 October 2022 at 08:19 AM

With our campaign, we want to help children and young people from Ukraine, whether they have fled or are still living in Ukraine. The financial support flows directly into projects that contribute to the mental health of the children or benefit an educational project for Ukrainian children. We will look for an appropriate cooperation partner to cover this gap in the current chaos of the war between Ukraine and Russia. We ourselves as a school do not have the necessary know-how and would therefore like to support one or two NGOs/foundations that specialise in this field. 

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