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Self Reliance Promotors

managed by H. Holtby

About us

I volunteered at SEREP during the summer for just over two months and was blown away by the incredible work they are doing. They truly are a non-profit organisation who ARE helping people. They are passionate about their community and have some fantastic project in place that have the potential to turn peoples lives around. However they have very little funding to really fulfill their goals and are struggling massively.

The Self Reliance Promoters’ NGO is a non-profit, faith based organisation situated in Kumbo, Nso, Cameroon. The organisation strives to make a valuable contribution to its local community through fighting poverty. This is achieved by promoting self reliance through local community initiatives. Its key values are:


Within the community there are various social and economical factors that can affect an individual’s prospects. We aim to achieve change, inspiring value, knowledge and skills. To help facilitate this change within the culture, we have created several programmes to empower young people and women to help them fulfill their full potential.

The following projects are ones I myself have been working on and feel very passionate about:


Bui Division, North West Province,

H. Holtby

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