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AGBE e.V. Perspectives for Westafrica

managed by Johanna R.

About us

AGBE e.V. is a charitable association that was founded in Berlin in 2005. Prior to the association being founded, 3 members of its board spent several months in Togo (6 or, respectively, 9 months). Their personal contact to ASMERADE, a Togolese organization, resulted in many friendships being formed – and in an active cooperation being developed.
The idea for our first project, the construction of a nursery school in the mountain village of Tomegbé, was brought forward by the population itself. The mothers who have to take care of their household, sell goods in the market, and work in the fields do not have the time or strength to bring up their children. A nursery school would not only relieve the strain on these mothers, it would also be the place where basic principles of hygiene are taught and fundamental schooling is provided.
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Latest project news

Ich habe 81,00 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Anja K.  22 August 2017 at 03:00 PM

Letzte Details der Fertigstellung unserer Ausbildungsstätte in Burkina Faso, um die Ausbildung von Lehrern für die Schulen in der Region sicherzustellen, damit mehr Kinder wieder einen guten Unterricht erhalten können. 

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