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Grass Routes e.V.

managed by F. Prins

About us

Grass routes stands for a creative, sustainable development.

Mentality change
Grass Routes strives for a mentality change towards creative and sustainable thinking and living and stimulate sensibility for the values of local communities and individuals, of cultural diversity, of social and cultural needs, of animals, wilderness and beautiful landscapes.

Creative competence
Grass Routes aims to stimulate knowledge and creative competence and to develop the creative potential of communities, individuals and organizations. We empower active citizenship and an open exchange of values, knowledge, creative competence and sustainable practices worldwide.

Sustainable development
We believe that economical activities should be in balance with principles of sustainability and fair trade, with cultural and ecological values and with human rights. Therefore we promote sustainable living, working, producing, traveling and trading and support the rise of a market for products, production methods and trading methods that are truly sustainable and fair.


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