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Westwold College

managed by L. Vitale

About us

Westwold College is a culinary school that was started by the Komati Foundation in 2004. Founded in Johannesburg in 1999, Komati Foundation is a non-profit organisation actively working to transform South African society in the fields of education, human development and social welfare. The Westwold program was created and is run by a team of professionals and volunteers with many years of experience in social development and capacity building. The program is aimed at the eradication of poverty by providing hands-on skills to young women from socially disadvantaged backgrounds characterised by crime, poverty and teenage pregnancies. These women are empowered to generate income to sustain themselves, thereby improving their lives and that of their extended families. We aim to instil passion for the hospitality industry in the young women of South Africa and to provide our students with the technical and personal skills to excel in and love whatever they do. We are looking to expand and build a school in the near future and in order to do so and provide the opportunity to the young women of South Africa, we require assistance in whatever form available, whether monetary assist us in providing bursaries or resources towards the school.


81 Westwold Way
South Africa

L. Vitale

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