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Rise Africa Rise

managed by R. Morrison

About us

Rise Africa Rise is an emerging social enterprise with the vision of contributing to Africa’s prosperity and renaissance through providing entrepreneurial solutions to socio-economic and environmental problems. The objective is to design business models around a particular socio-economic or environmental problem and then based on the brand strength attract the necessary resources in the form of capital, skills, knowledge and human resources to solve that problem.

Initially, this will be done through the sales of Rise Africa Rise T-shirts in order to establish the brand and raise the necessary seed capital to grow the business and create jobs to provide the entrepreneurial solutions necessary to solve socio-economic and environmental problems.Buying a Rise Africa Rise T-shirt means that the buyer is directly investing in creating African prosperity. The T-shirts embody a solution to different socio-economic problems. How so?

1) The T-shirts are produced by a cooperative of women in an informal settlement in Cape Town. These women belong to the most marginalized groups of our society and as such producing the T-shirts contributes towards earning a regular income.

2) The screen-printing of the T-shirts is done by a small screen-printing business also in an informal settlement in Cape Town. At a time when the youth unemployment rate is growing exponentially in South Africa and standing at about 70% this screen-printing business employs a number of youths to combat youth unemployment.

3) At a time when the South African government plans to create 5 million new jobs by 2020, most of which will have to come from new businesses the sales of these T-shirts enable Rise Africa Rise as an emerging enterprise to grow and establish itself so that it can contribute to the achievement of the government’s goal by creating jobs for the local economy.

4) Instead of relying on generous donations which often come with strings attached that fit the marketing needs of the donor, the sales of T-shirts will allow Rise Africa Rise to become self-reliant. Therein, profits can be used to tackle the issues on the ground as its primary objective.


214b High Level Road Sea Point
Cape Town
South Africa

R. Morrison

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