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Deltawomen foundation

managed by e. reed

About us

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”.-Kofi, Annan. Former UN Secretary General

A nation that has empowered women , has healthier and better economic sustainable families and communities,. Without having the necessary skills and vocational training, women cannot provide for their families. This means children will be out of school; there will be an increase in crime rate, prostitution, early pregnancy, AIDS, just to name a few...

Miss Efe, from Delta State, was 17 years old when she lost her parents in a car accident. According to her, “I was 17 when I lost my parents; I was totally stranded with my siblings. Then I decided to have a boyfriend to help me take care of my younger brothers and sisters. But unfortunately, my boyfriend was not forthcoming, so I had to go into prostitution in order to raise money to take care of them. I didn’t go to school, and didn’t learn a trade or skill. I was just jumping from one man to the other, not until one day when I heard an NGO announced their empowerment program on the radio. I applied. They admitted and trained me on sewing, and at the end of the training, the NGO gave me a sewing machine and some money to get started. That was how I changed from being a prostitute to a fashion designer. Today, I can put food on my table, and I have seven apprentices that I’m training. Thanks to the NGO for lighting up my life.’’

At Delta women NGO, we see ourselves as a partner for progress to our women. We work with them to discover their unique abilities, talents and potentials, with the aim of turning every Nigerian woman into a true advocate for sustainable change and development in our society. Today, our male dominated society offers women little or no chance to be empowered, but we have harnessed the power of world class entrepreneurship education and practice as a more sustainable path for women empowerment. Our drive is to build in our women the essential skills required to do business in a world class way, thereby making them deliberate creators of their own destiny and pillars of transformation in our society.

"NO WOMAN SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND" Support Deltawomen by providing women the Technical and Vocational Skills Acquisition to overcome the challenges in t today’s world so that they can be useful to themselves rather than be used as agents of violence.


Elsie Ijorogu-Reed



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