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Oasis in South Africa

managed by A. Swiegers

About us

Oasis in South Africa is made up of Change Agents - people who are passionate about transforming ourselves, our communities and inviting others to join us in this adventure. We do this through projects in the areas of youth, health, access to IT technology and community development.

Oasis is made up of ordinary people who live in each of the communities in which we work - mostly young people who are working together to overcome the challenges we face and build a better future for all.

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Quotes from Oasis Youth Change Agents

  A. Swiegers  06 August 2012 at 08:44 PM

“2011 was a year of new adventures for Oasis South Africa, we went on a journey of own initiatives and self discovery especially for the youth team. I can’t say the road was easy but the youth team had its fair share of fun.

This year had its ups and downs, we tried new things and I had the chance to be part of it, everyone discovered their passions. My journey of discovery happened because of the great people that surrounded me every day, stories that were written by these young people inspired me to be a great woman and be true to myself.

During this great journey we discovered amazing young leaders who had so much potential locked up inside of them; new projects where founded.” Nobuhle


“This has been a year year of growth and development, I sign up to be a change agent at Oasis South Africa This simply means that I had to work on my transformation and development so that I will be able to transform the community and people around me.

This was done by me attending morning sessions with Tom and other Change Agents on Fridays to reflect now how the whole process of Change Agent is going and every week we were given task to do for the week and so will be able to practice being Change Agents and the rhythm of life

I really loved the Change Agent approach and I think being a Change Agent is a life style.” Sipho


“ ‘ It always takes a courageous man or woman to reflect about his life. Waking up every morning to mold his life to be one of the best.’  This was said by one of the bridge the gap guys when I was leading them at the high school after schools activity. They wanted to encourage me in leading them at the after schools. But while doing that I also met difficulties, obstacles, rejections and disappointments. This same people pointed out my weaknesses which I thought are my strengths:  my ego, pride, go getting attitude and humbleness. It has been a nice journey for me to lead my peer a life lesson and a great challenge.” Justice


“My vision is to have my own pre-school, in my pre-school I would like to have kids from young to just before they go to school.    To develop a kid is something difficult and interesting, you need courage, patience, funny, calm.   Allow your kids to learn, develop an interest in it.   Healthy food, learning how to hold a book and learn for themselves.   The courage I’m talking about:  show them how special they are, love and care.   When you keep on telling kids things like that they become more confident.   I would love to have this big building and have my kids there.  Education is the key to successs. I would love for my kids to b.   To see every child growing, plant seeds in their communities, so that they can teach other kids.” Bonolo

“My vision is for the community to have sport facilities, to help the kids to develop and grow as a community.   A place where they can take part in activities like sport, dance  - a place where kids will be safe and learn to be responsible.” Ronny

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