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Order of Saint Eulalia

managed by Pedro C.

About us


Laurel House is a project for a lovely senior citizens home, located in Palmela (Portugal), with nine double bedrooms, for housing senior citizens over the age of 70 with a pension of 300 Euros/month or less. Most senior citizens in Portugal will be asked to make a substancial donation in order to be given a place in a home. We have created this project for those people, destitute or bankrupt, that are in no position to make such a donation, but deserve to be given a decent place for the rest of their lives. When the building was donated to us it only had four rooms and four bathrooms. Due to a careful planning we were able to design a plan that will transform the entire house and with the use of some of the existing storage places turn it into a home of nine double bedrooms, three large saloons, kitchen, laundry and services. The total cost of renovation, including the outdoor spaces and garden, inspite of voluntary work and innumerous donations of furniture, and appliances, will amount to a total of 150,000.00 Euros.


Rua Doutor Bernardo Teixeira Botelho 44
2950-298 P

Pedro C.

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