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managed by O. Vincent

About us

STEMIM platforms is a Ugandan-based non-governmental organization (NGO) which is committed to sharing knowledge and skills, so as to promote and advance the diverse, science and technology expressions and innovations. The organization therefore, welcomes all stakeholders interested in undertaking any activity (ies) that benefit humanity through creativity and innovation to join hands with it, for purposes of collaboration.

Given the urgent need for science and technology innovation knowledge and skills in Africa, STEMIM Platforms takes pride in linking up, networking and collaborating with primary, secondary and tertiary schools/institutions, in order to tap the fresh and energetic abilities and talents of youngsters there, at the right time.

Sometime during 2010, the founding promoters of STEMIM Platforms came to realize that promoting and advancing science and technology innovations in Uganda or Africa in general are long overdue. Apart from suffering seriously from the hazards of climate change, the country’s economy is heavily dependent on imports which could easily be manufactured locally; as for exports, Uganda’s products (which mainly comprise agricultural items) are taken out either in raw or semi-processed form – thereby fetching quite low returns, hence, leaving it at the levels of being both a Third World country as well as a Least Developed Country (LDC).

Arising from a series of brainstorming, reviews and sessions of similar discussions, the said founding promoters resolved to establish and a promote a non-governmental organization whose critical role would be to interest, promote and mentor young Ugandans (children and youth) be it in schools or communities, to embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM in short) as their career paths. It was also noted and emphasized that these youngsters, upon acquiring STEM skills, be encouraged and nurtured to develop creative ideas that they would in turn translate into valuable products and services. That way, they would create a wide base of organized production that would further lead to better generation of income, improved welfare of the population and, sustainable wealth creation for and by Ugandans.

For it to undertake its obligations with certainty, a drive for success and, while being focused on producing meaningful results for humanity, STEMIM Platforms is committed to upholding a host of key aspects namely,

STEMIM Values:
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Competence
• Mutual respect
• Innovation
• Entrepreneurship

A society of skilled innovators empowering humanity

STEMIM Mission
A society of Skilled Innovators Empowering Humanity through Training, Research and Development,
Entrepreneurship, Collaboration and, Resource Mobilization.

STEMIM Specific Objectives
In order to achieve the above stated mission, STEMIM’s specific objectives are to:
• Increase the interest of young learners (attending primary, secondary and tertiary/university education) in science and technology innovation (STI) skills
• Enable especially young learners at higher, tertiary/university levels to master STEM subjects in order for them to pursue career paths in the various STI fields
• Enhance capacity-building among young learners at the different learning levels) in STI skills and career paths
• Enable young learners to access and benefit from resources/opportunities obtaining in STI and other relevant circles
• Involve young female learners in the STEM fields of study and work.
• Determine the performance of STEMIM programmes

STEMIM Activities/Programmes
In order to create a long-lasting effect, STEMIM activities are to assume a programmatic instead of a project-based approach. Therefore, in line with the above stated, specific objectives, the organization’s activities are among others, to:

• Develop specific plans for promoting collaboration between STEMIM and interested parties.
• Establish contact and interaction with leaders in schools and communities for developing and promoting STI skills.
• Inspire young learners to pursue STI career paths.
• Create STEIMIM clubs for promoting STI skills in schools and communities.
• Facilitate the periodic review and update of STEMIM clubs.
• Organize and conduct workshops for sensitizing targeted schools and educators about the importance of STI skills in the development process.
• Develop and consolidate practical STI skills among young learners.
• Bridge the gap between young learners in STI and, the corporate community.
• Organize periodic exhibitions and contests in STIs.
• Gauge and sustain STEMIM’s performance.

STEMIM Strategies
Given the host of activities outlined above, STEMIM needs effective strategies with which to implement and accomplish its work among young learners in Uganda. Among others, STEMIM strategies are to:
• Mobilize and collaborate with schools in promoting STI knowledge and skills among young learners.
• Conduct hands-on, enquiry-based training to generate creative thinking (instead of promoting rote memory for passing exams) among young learners.
• Utilize collaboration as an effective tool for accelerated dissemination of STI knowledge and skills among young learners.
• Make periodic review processes to ensure updating and perfecting of STEMIM activities.

STEMIM Sustainability
At STEMIM Platforms, we strongly believe in a diverse resource base comprising resource mobilization mechanisms that include,
• Dynamic collaboration with stakeholders in the STI and other key sectors
• Working as a social enterprise that does development work while also providing STI expertise to interested parties, at an affordable fee.

All friends, well-wishers and stakeholders are welcome to contact and interact with us through the contact particulars posted on the first page above.

Thank you for showing your interest in STEMIM Platforms.


Plot 10, Abia Stage, Namugongo Road. P.O.BOX 189 KYAMBOGO - UGANDA.

O. Vincent

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