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kasengejje Primary School

managed by C. Kyazike

About us

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1.0 Location
Kasengejje is Located in Kasengejje Parish, Wakiso Sub county, Busiro County, Wakiso District, it’s 1 Km from wakiso off Bombo Road. The school occupies an area of approximately 2.2 acres
1.1 Person in charge of the School
Ms. Kyazike Aida Christine, the head teacher of Kasengejje Primary School is in charge of the school and it’s managed by the school management committee (S.M.C) and the parents’ teachers’ association (P.T.A)
1.2 School Background:
Kasengejje Primary School started in 1962 by Church of Uganda, so it’s churched founded. The school was specifically established and equipped with Christian values.
In Kasengejje, (the village on which the school is situated), Kasengejje Parish, Wakiso Sub county, Busiro County, Wakiso District in general, the population is mainly peasant farmers where maize, beans, sweet potatoes and bananas are grown for food and incase of a good season a very small surplus products are sold these act as the major source of monetary income. The region is impoverished. In addition this region is hit by AIDS PENDEMIC so most of the pupils are orphans since most of their parents died of HIV/AIDS
Due to the fact that the school is located in a low earning environment (where most people are below the poverty line) most of the parents can’t afford school fees so the school was forced to register to the UPE (Universal primary Education) program where the pupils study for free (the government pay for their school fees only so the school takes care of most of the projects like constructing toilets, building classroom, buying books for the pupils, paying for their uniforms, feeding the pupils, catering for their medical bills in case they get sick, e.t.c
Note; The government have grants it gives to UPE schools but in most case those grants (these grants only cater for a few things like construction of classrooms)which are given to schools once in many years and are very delayed en when they come they are very small that they can’t help at all
Kasengejje primary school is enrolled with 573 children of whom 282 are Girls while 291 are Boys. They are all attending their primary education i.e. P.1 to P.7 with a nursery attached with two teachers, out of that population only P.7 (15) pupils sleep at school (Boarders) this is due to the fact that the school doesn’t have enough structures/buildings to accommodate more pupils. The school has 11 teachers and 3 supportive staff; it’s managed by a management committee (Called the school management committee, or S.M.C) and the Parents’ teachers association (P.T.A)

1.3 Mission of the School;
The mission of the School is “to produce God Fearing and Productive citizens”
1.4 School laws and regulations
1.4.1 Teachers
1. Teachers should not work without a work plan, scheme of work and a lesson plan
2. By providing appropriate guidance and counseling to pupils
3. Should be exemplary
4. Should not be against the programs which attract pupils and parents to the school like end of term sport day, concerts education week etc
5. Should make efforts to involve and inform, teachers regarding pupils learning progress in the school
6. Should play an active role in ensuring safety and security of both pupils likes and property
7. Should be equipped with life skill like girl child

1.4.2 Pupils
1. Should participate in the maintenance of discipline, law and order in school
2. Should contribute to the maintenance of hygiene and a healthy environment in the school
3. Should protect school property and plants
4. Should portray a god image to the school
5. Should strictly follow the safety and security measures put in place by the school.

1.5 School management committee
1. Should ensure that they have a development plan for the school to ensure accessibility, quality education both within and outside the class room
2. Should work as the linkage between the school and the community by ensuring that the school draws programs that attracts parents into the school
3. Should ensure that no head teacher, teacher or parent makes demands that may cause psychological stress on the pupils or cause them to withdraw from school
4. Should report regularly the financial and operational status of the school program to parents and community leaders
5. Should ensure that the school budget caters for safety and security provision


2.1 Lack of a nearby easily accessible source of clean water
Kasengejje is Located in Kasengejje Parish lacks a nearby and safe water source. Today, the only nearby water source is a small well which is also used by the village population and it’s within a distance of 4km from the school campus. Pupils spend a lot of time in fetching water, which would have been utilized in play and study.
The way to the well is not safe as one has to pass through a certain forest on the way so on many occasions our children are faced with lots of risks on the way including but not limited to thugs, rapists, dangerous animals like snakes, e.t.c
The water itself is from a non-protected well. This has caused so many water borne diseases like, cholera, dysentery, typhoid; etc the need for an accessible safe source is inevitable if the school is to realize its mission.
2.2 Lack of enough infrastructures
At the present the school only has four class room blocks to be used for all the seven classes (P.1 to P.7 and to accommodate the population of 458 pupils, - this population is too big as compared to the size of the classroom so the class rooms are used in turns with other classes learning under tree sheds, On addition to that, the pupils enjoy reading but have no reading rooms like the library
The school also lacks enough toilets, at the present we have only two toilet rooms: one for the teachers and the other for pupils (both boys and girls), the room for pupils is shared by the whole 458pupils in the school, due to the increasing requirement of the toilet especially for the pupils, the school was force to dig a shallow hole without shelter.
Due to the lack of enough latrines, the pupils sometimes go to the nearby bushes to ease themselves; this has cause lots of diseases like diarrholea and cholera
We have 11 teachers but due to lack of enough infrastructure these teachers don’t stay at school so in most case they are delayed on the way by un avoided problems like rain which causes classes to begin late
2.3 Lack of enough furniture
The school does not have enough furniture like desks in classrooms so most of the pupils sit on the floor during lessons
Other challenges include
1. The pupils have no school uniforms since their parents are very poor to afford uniforms and the school has no enough money to buy the uniforms
2. There is no clinic in the school for first aid treatment so we have to take the pupils to a nearby hospital for treatment. The nearby hospital is very far and the school does not have a school van so we find lots of challenges taking the pupils to the hospital
3. The school is the best football and netball team in the region but the school lacks balls, No playing field as the land is very small
4. Pupils enjoy music but no music instrument, costume and music rooms

At the present the school has many projects proposals these include but not limited to;
1. Buying and installation of two water tanks to harvest rain water
2. Construction of two classroom blocks of three class room each to mitigate the problem of lack of classroom
3. Construction of 5 stance pit latrine (two rooms for boys, two rooms for girls and one room for teachers)
4. Purchase of desks for class rooms
5. Construction of teachers’ quarters,
You can contact the:
Address: Ontario English Catholic Teachers association
65 st. Clair Avenue East. Suite 400.Toronto.on M4T 2Y8 Canada
Fax 416-925-7764
Contact person: Nicole van woudenberg (Canadian Teacher’s Association)
The above know our school and are aware of our challenges.

So we are hoping that your organization can help us fund some of the projects.

I will send detailed proposals of any of the above projects your organization is willing to Fund

May GOD bless you for the heart of helping the poor you have
Hope to hear from you soon
Yours faithfully
Miss Kyazike Aida Christine
The Head teacher

Latest project news

Construction of a five (5) stance V.I.P pit latrine at Kasengejje primary school

  C. Kyazike  19 October 2012 at 11:33 AM
The project has not yet been kicked off due to the lack of funds for it, we welcome anyone to help us realize our dream of improving sanitation in our school
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