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Project Isobel in the Dominican Republic

managed by P. Wren

About us

This is a humanitarian project bringing together, for mutual benefit, poor or homeless children, of Dominican or Haitian origins, with rescued animals, especially abandoned, neglected or abused horses [and donkeys]. It provides accommodation for 10 resident children and receives visiting children in its paradaisical setting, where the children learn experientially, in addition to basic literacy and numeracy, to be of service, to respect animals and the environment, as well as the skills to be creative, useful, well-adjusted, productive adults in the future.

The positive benefits psychologically and emotionally for children from having a relationship with animals is well-documented. They develop self-esteem, self-control, organizational and team skills as well as respect, kindness, responsibility, commitment and much more. The animals benefit too from the humane care and attention.


el Choco
Dominican Republic

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