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Patmos Care and Development Centre

managed by R. Manya

About us

Patmos Junior School Project
Patmos Care and Development Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.
Registered Community Based Organisation (CBO)
Registration no. 90358
Patmos Junior School Headmaster
P.O.Box 28646-00200 Richard Wanjala Manya
Mathare 4B Area Tel.+254735771481
Nairobi, Kenya.
Supporting Patmos Junior School
Patmos Junior School is looking for your support to continue providing an education and feeding program for 75 vulnerable children in the Mathare slums. The background to this project, which started as a small scale feeding program at a local church in 2007 has later turned to be a school where basic education is given to many orphans and vulnerable children in the Mathare slums and its environs.The school is being run from 4 rental tin rooms (shacks) with very little or no resources available.The 4 volunteer teachers and the school headmaster and founder of this project have devoted themselves to help the children even under desperate and difficult conditions that they work in.This school which is still in its early stages is working towards providing a meal to this children which to some of them it is the only meal of the day.The school is also providing education to the children which is seen as the only hope for their lives in future.This small and fast growing school now seeks support from organization such as yours which work towards making the world such as Mathare slums a better place
Support for the school can be in the form of a donation of funds for, or active participation in, the following activities.
1. Building a new school.
2. Improving existing school buildings..
3. Furniture, equipment and stationery.
4. School maize farming project.
5. School Posho Mill project.
6. School goat project.
7. Other projects.

Building a new school. ( Estimated cost 10million KSH / 114,000 US$)

The school operates from 4 corrugated shack buildings on rented land. Water is transported from a distance and the children use nearby inadequate public toilets.
The community have ambitions to purchase land for a new school and build a school for over 300 children to meet the growing demand. The community have indicated they will assist with building labour as required and in any way they can. We have not been able to set aside any funds for this project to date but would welcome your participation at this very early stage.

Improving existing school buildings. ( Estimated cost 150,000 KSH / 1,700 US$)

An additional corrugated shack is required for the school kitchen and food storage.
A water tank and housing is needed to stop the need for water to be transported from a distance,and to improve the quality of the water.
Toilets /latrines need constructing for boys and girls.

Furniture, equipment and stationery ( Estimated cost 100,000 KSH / 1,136 US$)

A further 20 desks and 40 chairs are required.
Textbooks, blackboards and chalk to assist the teachers.
Exercise books, pencils, crayons, pens and other stationery items for the children.

School Maize Farming Project ( Estimated cost 125,000 KSH / 1,420 US$)

This project was very successful in its first year and provided enough produce (over 6 tonnes of maize ) for two thirds of the schools annual feeding program. It is hoped to repeat the 3 acres of maize intercropped with beans this year
We are also looking to expand this successful project to 6 acres next year and hope to introduce more organic farming practices . The aim of this project is to become self sustaining and to generate income for the school. We would be pleased to work with interested partners to develop this project further.

School Posho Mill project. ( Estimated initial 12 months running costs 136,000 KSH / 1,545 US$)

A grant from Kitchen Table Trust will enable the school to purchase a diesel Posho Mill as soon as a secure
and suitable premises for housing the mill has been identified. Originally the plan was to purchase an electric Posho Mill but it has not been possible to get a building with 3 phase electric supply in the locality. It is now urgent that the school can locate suitable premises so that the milling business plan can be used to generate much needed funds for the school.
Originally the budget for rent and electricity was 5,000 KES per month for this project. It is now accepted that rental for suitable premises will be higher than this figure, but it is anticipated the potential profits from the business will still provide valuable funds for the school.
After a successful first year for the Maize Farming Project, the school community is now ready to run this business but your assistance locating secure premises for the Posho Mill in the nearby district would be greatly appreciated.

School Goat Project ( Cost per breeding nanny goat 7,000 KSH / 80 US$)

This project is already showing potential as the first milk sales are recorded in the annual accounts. The goat shelter has recently been completed and with a careful breeding program in place we are looking to expand this further

Other projects

Patmos Junior School and the community are pleased to accommodate any other fundraising projects that our supporters would like to engage in for the school. If you would like to discuss your ideas further please contact either:
The headmaster Richard Wanjala Manya Tel. +254735771481 Email
UK Project Representative: Shaun Halbert Tel: +44 07890401558 Email:


Mathare 4B Area

R. Manya

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