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federation gaia

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About us

You may be a country representative, a humanitarian organization manager or simply an individual citizen ready to promote food security in his home country: you can endorse or support the GAIA PROJECT to stop famine and malnutrition fast!

Who are we?

We have offered to all countries willing to insure food security to their populations his cheep and ecological patented machine which gives hyperproductivity in food production without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, animal flowers, or GMO (what makes scientific farming cost prohibitive in poor countries).

Several Gaïa sections have been created, mainly in West Africa, by local NGO's or nationals willing to advocacy the Gaïa project to their governments. A regional tour of the founder in West Africa between December 2008 and January 2009 will permit the signature of contracts with the relevant ministries decided to start the construction of the first machines.


Hyperproductivity of food is possible in poor countries !
Fertilizers free, GMO free and pesticide free!

Hyperproductivity of local food produce is the only way to feed 10 billion people in 2050. Stabilization of world population should not be left to wars for water or systemic famine. Development of poor countries will never take place without food security. Medical emergency humanitarian interventions have become permanent because they treat sick people who are slowly dying of hunger.



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