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JLYM Ministries (k)

managed by Jacob G.

About us

JLYM Ministries.

 Reaching out ,Giving hope, transforming the lives of youths and children in the communities

JLYM is abbreviation of Jesus Light of the world Youths on Mission that was bath from the light of the world youth group.

About Us

JLYM Ministries is a program of light of the world youth group which was a long time vision from a group of Christian youths to basically reach the youths/children, orphans in the communities, schools/colleges, churches and youths groups with the word of God, HIV/AIDS awareness, drug and substance abuse and youth empowerment programs

It’s therefore a non denominational youth organization aiming at networking the youths from all denominations and youth groups from the nation to work together in the war against HIV/AIDS prevalence and drug abuse,child labour, orphans care and support programs through teachings, songs, dramas, vocational activities.

The motivation of the ministries is in the bible in the book of ISAIAH 60 from verses one which encourages us to arise and shine for our light has come


> To see a society where youths are spiritually, economically and socially empowered.
>Lead in preparing tomorrow leaders today.


> To outreach, rescue, rehabilitate, empower, demonstrate Gods love and instill good values in the lives of youths.


> To bring up/build a society where youths are spiritually, economically, socially empowered and HIV/AIDS free society.


-To identity and assist the youths to come to a personal knowledge our lord Jesus as lord and savior, mature in him and inspire them to explore their youthful strength in Gods work social and economic development.
-Networking and collaborating with well established NGOs, CBOs and government bodies in sharing issues pertaining to spiritual, social and economical life of youths for capacity building.
-Setting up youths support programs in the commu7nity for the needy , orphans, widows and infected or affected
-Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness amongst the youths from school children, high schools/colleges, youth groups, church /community leaders, and to community as a whole.
-To offer the necessary trainings to the youths in the community especially those that cannot afford normal trainings..
-To help the youths to discover their talents,/gifts and to ensure maximum use of the same

Our campaign

Society: you were made for a HIV/AIDS free land.
Worship: you were planned for Gods pleasure
Ministry: you were shaped to serve God.


As a youth ministry have purpose to learn more and teaching about this topics with youths:
 Your health is your wealth
 Drug and substance abuse
 Fear of the lord
 True love waits
 Abstinence
 HIV/AIDS awareness
 Behavior change
 Purity and holiness


By supreme sacrifice on our part and faith in God, JLYM Ministries is committed to carry out the following activities in the community involving the youth:
-Evangelism this to both private and pubic institutions e.g. schools/colleges, hospitals, prisons, churches and community as a whole
-Advocating for children and youth support programs e.g. trainings, education to them that are underprivileged, buying clothing, providing food to the needy,
-Creating Hiv/aids awareness to both school pupils and youths through true love waits and your health is your wealth programs.
-Youth counseling and guidance
-Home based care
-Empowerment of youth talents/gifts e.g. help in music production, drama, art works
-Lead in environment conservation
-Initiates community development projects for youths such as : farming{poultry keeping, vegetables }, small businesses { kinyozi, saloon)


The foundation of this ministry is based on:

 The bible as the breath of God and the final authority.
Isaiah 60: 1 arise shine for your light has come…….
 Christ as our strength
We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us……
 Holy Spirit as our teacher.
When the Holy Spirit comes upon you he will teach you all things…….
 Nurturing the ideas and the potential of all the youths


Since this work done by purely young people, we are convinced that:
o we are capable of making tomorrows leaders today
o God will fulfill his word and supply our needs through men and women in all corners of the world to help us accomplish this noble purpose.
o Youths can make positive impact in the society.

Our target groups

Youths (10 to 30 years)
Needy children
The elderly
HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons in the community.



Jacob G.

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