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Tom Z.
Tom Z. wrote on 14-01-2012

----------------------------------------- There is a lot of BAD NEWS in this world. We can read about it in the papers and watch it on TV every day. What we don't get to see so often is the GOOD NEWS: That there is people and projects all over the planet working hard to solve these problems, dedicating their lifes to make a difference. C.A.N - the Conscious Action Network - does not only bring you their inspiring stories - but enables YOU to become part of the CHANGEMAKING process: TOGETHER we can CREATE the GOOD NEWS. ---------------------------------------------------------------- On February 12th we opened a HAPPINESS CENTER for the war-traumatized children of Northern Sri Lanka, that YOU - our Conscious Action Community - financed. YOUR donations enabled A.C.T - the Action & Care Trust - to open their 8th Rehabilitation Center to bring peace into the young hearts of these children and into the future of their country. A big THANK YOU to all donors and supporters.YOU + C.A.N + A.C.T = HAPPINESS CENTER ---------------------------------------------------------------- This winter we want to bring more (2-5) HAPPINESS CENTERS to the Children of Mullaitivu - where less than 3 years ago the some of the worst fighting of the 30-year civil war took place. And YOU can make this PLAN a reality! Again we will make a film about the process to show YOU exactly what happened with 100% of YOUR donation. The opening of the Centers is planed for early march 2012. BE THE GOOD NEWS. WITH C.A.N YOU CAN. ------------------------------- •