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Day 3 of 6 - Tecklenburg --> Mettingen

Frank Wilke
Frank Wilke wrote on 20-05-2020

Okeydokey - Day 3 was a bit challenging as my knee started to revolt after a painful end on Day 2. It was not really a smooth run, if was more like a "run, walk, run, pause, sprint, walk, sprint, pause, run"-event and all I remember is fields, fields, fields :)

At the end I was reaaaally happy to finish and far away from being in the mood for another km. Thanks to the knee cuff my leg didn't break apart - but how it might feel tomorrow? Let's see.

Summary: 19,6km in 1h 56m 53s and the need for a new knee... 

P.S.: Pizza Quattro Stagioni right after the run made my day :p