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Day 2 of 6 - Ibbenbürgen --> Tecklenburg

Frank Wilke
Frank Wilke wrote on 18-05-2020

Whoop whoop: Day 2 was far away from the "warm up" feeling yesterday. Weather was great, but the ups and downs around the Dörenther Klippen were quite exhausting. The "Dörenther Klippen" belong to a bigger range of hills where the famous battle of Teutoburg Forest took place where Arminius, chieftain of Cherusci, commanded an army of Germanic tribes and defeated three Roman legions led by Varus. 

Back to presence: after running up and down the hills and more than 21kms I finally arrived in Tecklenburg. Once again Phil was waiting for me at the finish line with an alcohol-free wheat beer :)

Summary: another half marathone distance in 2h 10m 05s.