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Artistic Processes of Alternative Photography

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S. Bista’s fundraising event


What's it about?

This is a call to raise tavel funds for a personal documentary project that I*** am planning to make on Artistic Processes of Alternative Photography, which I am going to start from December 18, 2014 till February 22, 2015 in various places of the US and thereafter in Europe.

My project has two dimensions with two different goals:

1. Thematic (UHD/4k format): To discuss on the relevance of the analog artistic processes of photography and priting amidst the digital world in order to influence policymakers and art connoisseurs to adopt and promote the alternative processes.

2. Directive (fullHD/1080p): To capture the process step-by-step in order to encourage and to get the world over to very satisfying alternative processes besides archiving digitally the processes for future consumption.

I am in contact with a few outstanding artistic alternative photographers and printers in the US including Richard Sullivan, Melody Bostick and Richard Puckett among others.

Recently, Richard Sullivan and Melody Bostick suggested a list of phenomenal printers, but they are scattered all over Europe and particularly in the US. All of the recommendations are very worth documenting.

My own finance alone cannot cover the travel costs that involves meeting with several photographers than I did anticipated when this project was conceptualized some six months ago.

Therefore, please donate as much as you can to this pioneering project on disappearing artistic processes. I, on behalf of the artitists into the field, appreciate if you would do so.

The raised fund would be used for travel costs for this voluntary project.

Any donation of:
-- €30 and above will be mentioned in the documentary
-- €100 and above will be honored with a signed copy of one of the directiveDVDs after completion
-- €500 and above will rewareded with a signed set of one of the DVDs after project completion
-- €1000 and above will be honored with a signed set of both sets of DVDs after project completion.
-- €10000 and above will be honored as co-producers of the documentary with a signed set of both sets of DVDs after project completion

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to your prospective contribution asap as the trip starts on December 18, 2014.

***On a low note (I do not want to sound eulogistic), let me introduce you that I am a multiformat photographer, alternative printer and a filmmaker among others, involved in two very well received award-winning documentaries:

A. Creative Crossroads (
B. The Human Ape Preview (

Recently, I have helped to create three directive documentaries for an institution here in Sweden of about an hour each.

Thanks again for your visit and support to my appeal to raise travel funds for documenting artistic processes of alternative analog photography (

S. Bista

S. Bista announced this fundraising event on 11 December 2014.

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