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Proper diet is necessary for Rukia's health condition.

Harrison G.
Harrison G. wrote on 10-10-2012

Dear friend and supporter,

Thank you very much for supporting this worth cause. Rukia desperately needs our support, she needs to undergo operation which is expensive and needs us to join hands to save her life.

As we prepare to get the funds to enable her to under go the operation, Rukia needs proper diet and nutrition, the doctor advice is that she gets enough vitamins, protein, energy giving foods as well as calcium. Her family is very poor and can not afford to meet all the doctors directive.

We have tried to give the little we have at school, as compared to how she was 1 month ago, there is improvement as you see in the pictures.

Please join hands with me to help Rukia out of this death penalty set by nature.

Thank you for helping to save Rukia's life.