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P. Sullivan’s fundraising event

The Berlin Slowlympics


What's it about?

Slow Travel Berlin is delighted to announce another unique event for 4th August 2012: The Slowlympics!

Timed to coincide with the city’s very own screenings of the London Olympics (see here:, the Slowlympics will pay homage to the ancient games while making a tongue-in-cheek statement on our culture’s obsession with speed.

Eschewing the usual tests of competition and stamina, the Slowlympics will pull together some of the strangest sports from around the world – and give some of them a special Berlin twist - to create a fun and participatory day for non-athletes of all kinds.

Whether young or old, fit or unfit, we want these games to be accessible for all (see below for some suggested games...).

The Slowlympics will take place in one of the city’s best urban spaces, the extraordinary Tempelhof Park, site of the former airport, where teams will pit themselves against each other to win a selection of prizes (to be announced).

The games will be organised by members of the Slow Travel Berlin team. We are trying to keep all costs as minimal as possible, but a little more money would allow us to develop some more interesting games and also pay a token amount (50 euros per person) to all the people working hard to make it happen and to organise/referee etc. on the day.

Anything that we raise over these costs will be donated to a "multi kulti" Turkish-run Kreuzberg sports club that's been running since 1978 and is struggling for survival (scroll down on the main page).

You can also join our Facebook event page for updated information:

Suggested Games For Adults*

• Currywurst / Doener Eating Competition
• Teebeutelweitwurf (Tea Bag Throwing)
• Slow Bicycle Race
• 200m backward Sprint
• Extreme Ping Pong
• Individual Fall Down
• Double Footed Hurdles
• Bonving (Shoe Throwing)
• Hipster Carrying
• Toe Wrestling
• Wetball (netball with water balloons)
• Pea Rolling (rolling a pea with the nose)
• Standweitsprung (Standing Long Jump)

Sugested Games For Children*

• Egg & Spoon Race
• Sack Race
• 3-Legged Race

• Hula Hoop
• Balloon Catching
• Olympic Medal & Flag Making

*Games will be subject to change depending on how many teams enter, how many funds we raise, and how many other fun games we can find.

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P. Sullivan announced this fundraising event on 05 July 2012.

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