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Eine Spendenaktion von Felix G.

Couchsurfer's Contributions


Worum es geht

I provide shelter and food, friendship and company to travellers on couchsurfing. As people do the same for me there should be nothing more to ask for in return. Still, it is common to give a gift to one's host as a gesture. And that is a nice thing to do. I do it and people have done it for me. Thanks for those little reminders, chocolate, a bracelet and a pearl that I wear in my hair. I appreciate it.

Even though this spirit of sharing is a great thing, it can easily happen that we forget to share with the people who do not have the computer to use couchsurfing. Who do not have the ressourcing to even think about travelling. For whom leaving their country is only the last resort, a mere result of hunger, persecution, rape and violence. And it seldomly solves their problems.

Those are the people we need to think about. Those are people that need and, as a human being, deserve our generosity just as much as our fellow couchsurfers. That's why I am asking everyone who feels comfortable and welcome at my place and feels the need to thank me in some way, to give me that same warmth and trust in humanity by contributing a small amount of money to these projects that I consider worth supporting:

Für Kinder- und Frauenrechte in Kolumbien! (for children's and women's rights in Colombia)
"Our Magic Bus" (an educational program for children in India)
More Cisterns for Potrero de Olla, Panama (help villagers in panama build a cistern to collect rain water)
Save the rainforest - one tree a time! (protecting rainforest in costa rica)

Feel free to suggest additional projects YOU consider worth supporting.

If you never stayed at my place and still somehow landed on this page, it would still be great if you could spare a dollar or so for charity.


Felix G.

Felix G. hat diese Spendenaktion am 04. Februar 2011 veröffentlicht.

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