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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, dein

Eine Spendenaktion von Chris B.

No mountain is too high!

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Worum es geht

2 buddies on mountain bikes -- 210,2 kilometers -- 7.119 meters altitude difference -- max 16 hours

That sounds crazy to you? We, Daniel and Chris, are gonna go for it anyway!

With the end of our studies approaching, we were looking for new challenges over our Christmas break, while also wanting to contribute to the world around us. So sitting on the boardwalk of Havana, Cuba, we kicked around ideas and couldn't help but realize how we were spared of existential challenges in our lives. Having decided to push our physical limits by taking on the hardest distance in the Salzkammergut Trophy, we want to support kids who weren't as lucky as we were by helping them to live a healthier life!

In order to achieve this, we are trying to raise awareness and funds for Children for a better World, which is introducing healthy nutrition and cooking to children in poverty, right here in Munich and all over Germany. The children learn to prepare their own food, get to know the different ingredients and then enjoy their meal together.
Founded in 1994, Children for a better World was able to provide more than 250.000 meals last year alone! Besides that, it is enabling children to experience new adventures, such as learning to swim or seeing a theater play for the first time.

So the most important question:
How can you help?
We are hoping to support Children for a better World on their great mission with as many donations as possible. We are endlessly thankful for every donation, however small it may be!
If that is not possible for you right now, there are multiple ways you can support our efforts:
  • Spread the word - tell your friends about our cause by hitting one or all of the buttons at the bottom of this page!
  • Join us for a training session - we all know the New Year's resolutions are slowly fading, so if you need extra motivation, come and join us! :)
  • You work at or know a company which would like to gather some attention? - We are more than happy to partner up and wear their logo on our race gear or place it here on this site!
  • Push us to train even harder - Pledge x € for every 10km of training: We are documenting every single workout and would love to further push our case while preparing for the big race!

If you're interested in our training schedule or who we are, just read below. If you want to know more, just ask! :)

What is our plan to survive?
On July 14 at 5:00 am we will start the race along a few hundred other maniacs. In order to be prepared for that, we already started our training, regardless of internships or exams. Besides the early morning workout or bike tour in the evening, our current planning includes even more races and weekend trips to the alps:

Who are we?
We are two buddies, Daniel, 24, and Chris, 26, both studying at TUM. We have no experience at all in MTB racing (or for Chris, mountainbiking at all), so we are very excited to see how this adventure is gonna go. We hope you'll follow us and help us promote our cause!

How did we find the Salzkammergut Trophy?

Chris B.

Chris B. hat diese Spendenaktion am 15. Februar 2018 veröffentlicht.

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