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Eine Spendenaktion von Capgemini Consulting

Capgemini Consulting Fundraiser 2017


Worum es geht

Dear Colleagues,

show us what ‘Powered by You’ means and help us support this year’s Christmas fundraiser!

Last year’s Christmas fundraiser was already a true success. We not only collected over 22,000 Euro in CC DACH for three charity projects, but established an ongoing cooperation with two of them. This year we want to top last year’s amount! In the spirit of our Year-End slogan ‘Powered by You’ we will use the pooled forces of CC Central Europe.

Our ambition is to fund international charity organizations, which support education for children and adolescents. Capgemini Consulting shows its absolute commitment to this fundraiser by providing a basic amount of 5,000 Euro while tripling all our donations!

Please be aware that the amount can only be tripled by CC CE if you donate via this page. Our fundraiser is open until the December 31st, 2017. Your donations will be distributed equally between the recipients in 2018.

In this year's Christmas fundraiser the following three projects are supported:
1st project 2017: Skateistan Afghanistan

Skateistan is an independent Afghan NGO that works with youth from a range of different ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. In order to build trust and provide empowerment a unique combination of skateboarding and educational activities is applied. The students (ages 5-17) develop skills in skateboarding, leadership, problem-solving, multimedia and creative arts.

2nd project 2017: Fonelisco e.V.

Fonelisco is an orphanage in Mwanza, Tanzania. Fonelisco provides kids with shelter, food, medical care and education. The key for a sustainable approach is education. The orphanage provides access to education. With received donations Fonelisco finances the primary school fees for the next school year and offers two older kids access to university studies.

3rd project 2017: Futura Indonesia e.V.
Futura Indonesia e.V. Frankfurt operates a free Montessori facility for poor children on the Indonesian island of Lombok. The organization strives to sustainably improve the education of the children – by funding school facilities, ground and materials.

‘Powered by You’ we can jointly make a big difference. 
Thank you very much for your kind support! 

Your Volkmar, 
on behalf of the executive team and all VPs 

Capgemini I.

Capgemini I. hat diese Spendenaktion am 11. Dezember 2017 veröffentlicht.

Gefällt dir die Spendenaktion? Dann hilf mit!

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