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Cycling up 4200m - to support children

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Eine Spendenaktion von V. Voit


Worum es geht

"Creating a better everyday life for the many people" - This is the Vision of my employer IKEA. "Anything is possible" - This is the motto of IRONMAN. These to quotes have pushed, motivated and inspired me in private and professional life over the past years and made me who I am today and brought me to where I am now, and ambitious Age Group Triathlete with a dream racing in Kona World Champs one year and a professional supporting IKEA South East Asia and Australia with Business Development and Expansion. Being lucky to be able to travel the world for racing, training and work I thought there is a chance to give back raising some money for those who are facing challenges in life - especially children.

Some months ago I decided to travel to Kona Hawaii to visit the Ironman World Championship as a spectator to soak up the atmosphere to motivate me to train harder and better to get there myself, on the other side I decided to cycle the toughest climb in the world, the Mauna Kea on the 11th of October 2017, 4207m of continuous climbing starting from the beach, facing up the 20% incline on the roads, thin air and a cruel 7km gravel section close to the top. A friend will support me with clothes, mechanical parts and food on the way in a car behind me on the attempt to reach the top before the sun sets again behind the horizon. Not many people did the climb and all those who do and write about it describe it as one or the toughest ride they ever did which will bring you face to face with your evil thoughts of stopping rejecting and turning back.
I see the charity as a motivation not to do so, to continue and reach for the stars on the top in favor of collecting as much money as possible. I myself will donate 1 Euro for every 10m of climbing in height - so 420 Euro.

I will not take any money from the donation for myself, all should go to Unicef supporting children in Africa, or if you favor any other organisation feel free to do so and leave a comment how much you donate. My target is to reach 4200 Euro.

Deswegen benutze ich
Das Spenden über ist sicher und unkompliziert. Ich werde das von uns zusammen gesammelte Geld später den Hilfsprojekten zuordnen.

V. Voit

V. Voit hat diese Spendenaktion am 03. Oktober 2017 veröffentlicht.

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