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Eine Spendenaktion von S. Roloff

I run for those who had to run for their lives


Worum es geht

I run for the ones who had to run for their lives and leave their homes and often families behind. I run for them because everyone deserves a home where they don’t have to fear for their lives. I run for new beginnings, chances, opportunities and friends – for a warm place to sleep, something to eat, clothes, the chance to become part of a new culture and a warm smile for those who had to run into an unknown future. My ancestors had to flee from their homes a long time ago and without the help of wonderful people they met along the way, I wouldn’t be here. 
Be an Angel is a Berlin based initiative of people from the media, culture and marketing who use their abilities and networks to integrate refugees. I know one of the founders personally and have the deepest respect for what he does. The charity is run by heroes of everyday life – people who just feel that it’s necessary to help. And who don’t only talk about it but just do it - uncomplicated and with heart. Because it feels right. Because it is right. Thank you, Be an Angel EV!Thank you, Be an Angel EV! This is why I use Donating via is secure and uncomplicated. 

S. Roloff

S. Roloff hat diese Spendenaktion am 16. August 2017 veröffentlicht.

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