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Eine Spendenaktion von A. Soden

Lebanon on Wheels II


Worum es geht

This summer, Hans Gottman and Moritz Girg will be raising money to finance special education for disabled friends in Lebanon. The goal is to allow ten handicapped youngsters to access a special-needs school for two years. They will attempt to do this by cycling from Bonn to Athens in the hope that this physical challenge will engender support from friends, families and all those who hear about the boys’ situations. Their journey entails spending 6 weeks on bikes; their distance being approximately between two and a half to three thousand kilometers.
Whether they be physically or mentally disabled, access to education is usually close to impossible for the handicapped in Lebanon. The disadvantaged in Lebanon aren´t given the care or support that is thankfully familiar to much of Western Europe. The homes have few public funds at their disposal and as a consequence most of the institutions are hopelessly overcrowded and have trouble finding suitable personnel. The nuns and caretakers work with huge amounts of love and ensure that the key elements of day to day life are accomplished (feeding, washing, diaper changing and so on). However, this project aims to help in providing a small but important amount of help to the lives of Lebanese friends.
The aim of the project is to provide ten members of the home of Deir El Salib with a tailored education which isn’t available to them in the home. Indeed, a special teacher will be able to provide special care to members of the home who are unable to leave and are the most marginalised. Along the way, the aim is to introduce friends of the project to the people we want to help to make this as personable as possible by telling a story. With 12,000 euros, a specialised teacher will be hired to come three times a week to the institution for disabled people of Deir El Salib.
Following the tremendous success of George and Auguste’s cycle to from London, it is clear that our friends are brimming with potential and talent which is present in the lives of all young people. At their age, they are very capable of learning a huge amount and benefit from a tailored education. This chance must not be taken away from them due to a lack of funding. Thanks to your donation, not only the childhood but the whole life of our friends can be greatly improved. 
Please do help us in any way you can, be that by donating, promoting the Lebanon on Wheels or offering a meal or a shower to the boys along the way. Every little helps in turning this project into a reality!

A. Soden

A. Soden hat diese Spendenaktion am 01. Juni 2017 veröffentlicht.

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