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Eine Spendenaktion von O. Bakanova


Worum es geht

Dear friends, I have not the usual request to you! I want to feel like a real beautiful girl, be self-confident, and raise my self-esteem a little ... it's very difficult for me to live with this psychological trauma, I can not find myself a partner, although I already dream of children .... I am constrained in after With a man, because I have absolutely no breast ... I have been worrying about it for many years, and I can not change this problem myself. I also want to find my love, like many on this earth, but because of my complex, I do not get anything! ... I ask you not to leave me alone with this problem, and I appeal to you for help ... you are my The last hope ... to feel like a real girl, rejoice, and be content with yourself! Please understand me even a little, I will be very grateful to every help !!! On the collected money, I will make a breast of the second size! The cost includes rehabilitation, and special underwear!

O. Bakanova

O. Bakanova hat diese Spendenaktion am 11. Mai 2017 veröffentlicht.

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