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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, dein

Eine Spendenaktion von Miriam I.

My birthday present: help to stop starvation


Worum es geht

Hello everyone,
My name is Miriam. I live in Berlin and I am one of the lucky ones. I have a roof on top of my head, I have food to eat and I have never experienced war. And this year I turn 40 (End of July) due to the luck to be born in the "right" area in this world..

But this is not true for a lot of other people and especially children in the world. My greatest birthday wish is therefore not a new nail varnish, electric device or fancy dresses but to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of those who need it more.

Please make me the best birthday present ever and help to make my dream come true! 

I want to raise as much money as possible in order to donate it to the starving people and children in countries that suffer from famine and give them hope for their future. Noone should be starving nowadays and I want to use my birthday to raise awareness! Are you sick of knowing about starvation in this world and not being able to help? This is our Chance! Let's make it a good one!

Even if you don't have much: every little Cent counts. I appreciate any amount given and will participate myself at the end. Together we can make it a lot! Remember: for people having nothing also little things are valuable! 

Thank you so much
Miriam xx

I use because donating over is secure and uncomplicated. The full amount will be forwarded to the World Food Programme that have taken on the fight against hunger and starvation.

Miriam I.

Miriam I. hat diese Spendenaktion am 01. März 2017 veröffentlicht.

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