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Eine Spendenaktion von S. Lugoloobi



Worum es geht

For Watoto Wasoka – FOOTBALL MADE IN SLUMS - , Christmas time is football time!

From December 28th until January 2nd, Watoto Wasoka hosts and organizes the fourth edition of the Christmas Soccer Camp that will bring together over 1,500 slum and street soccer kids from all over Uganda. A week – long camp filled with smiles, skills, celebrations, a joyous retreat from the harsh reality these kids are forced to call their daily lives.

Last year, we brought together 1,400+ kids. Thanks to your support, we were able to organize a fantastic week. We are looking forward to following up on our previous successes and will aim to make this year´s event bigger, brighter and better!

In organizational regards, we will accommodate, feed and provide clean drinking water to all attending kids. Our team will organize daily training and matches for the kids and manage the camp to ensure that it becomes another harmonic and joyful event. In 2015, we have also strengthened our capacities in health education and we plan to incorporate creative sensitization programs on WASH (Water, Sanitation &Hygiene) and Sex Education &HIV/AIDS in this year´s camp. For the WASH activities, we have teamed up with VIVA CON AGUA Uganda and are excited to roll out our jointly developed educational “drills” at this year´s camp.

Another new feature for the 2015 camp will be the inclusion of our girls’ teams. After some first matches we have organized for the WATOTO girls we are thrilled to see them play and compete with other teams from across the country.

We believe that through the kids’ involvement and interaction with WATOTO WASOKA, we are able to leverage their future prospects through enhancing their social skills and commitment to achieve personal goals in real life. In terms of direct support, we have again invited schools´ sports administrators, who in the past have offered more than 200 educational scholarships to WATOTO WASOKA kids.

To enable us to host a special and successful camp, we rely on your monetary support. Hosting events of this scale and scope comes at a high cost. Feeding the kids for six days alone will cost more than EUR 2000! We hence kindly ask you to support our Christmas Camp through a donation. With our great track of integrity, you can be sure that every donation will be put to the rightful use. As usually, we will provide full accountability and feedback to every expense.

Help us empower slum kids through sports, education & companionship !

S. Lugoloobi

S. Lugoloobi hat diese Spendenaktion am 25. Oktober 2015 veröffentlicht.

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