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Eine Spendenaktion von A. Katschke

Traumatised children need butterfly wings


Worum es geht

The Butterfly Art Project (BAP) is located at the Capricorn Primary School in Vrygrond, Cape Town, South Africa. Currently we are serving a poverty stricken community in the South of Cape Town which is full of challenges- both socially and environmental: gangsterism, violence, HIV, single parents,unemployment, lack of service delivery, school drop-outs, racial prejudice, and more. We help the traumatised children fromVrygrond to strengthen their inner resources. The image of the metamorphosis of the butterfly helps the child to better understand the issues of change, death, growth, healing, transformation, and their own potential. Children speak and understand in pictures. For a traumatised child, it is impossible to learn, to grow and develop to their full potential. They need professional help and to learn how to "FLY". This is done in the 4 Studios of the Butterfly Art Project by using the countless healing possibilities that art can offer us. Through the artistic experience of watercolour, chalk, clay, paper and scissors, the children develop skills for their daily coping with trauma as well as for their future. Life in the Township rarely offers the children the possibility of access to artistic materials that are necessary for the development of a healthy, creative child.
The Butterfly Art Project is registered as NPO, PBO, with SARS and got a BEE certification.
We hold four different departments where we encourage 750 children weekly in their creativity and healing through art.
Only 10 Euros/Rand 140 each month make is possible for one child to participate in our programmes.
To donate via is simpple and safe. 100% of the donations arrive with us. You can track the use of the doantion easily. Betterplace is not only great for receiving support but although offers transparancy.

Thats why I would be grateful if you would donate now for us!
Thank You!!!
Much love

A. Katschke

A. Katschke hat diese Spendenaktion am 29. Mai 2015 veröffentlicht.

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