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Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon - Donation Challenge

Eine Spendenaktion von Verein Projekt Schmetterling e. V. ..


Worum es geht

Here are the rules for the Donation Challenge to support the Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon. All donations support psychological treatments of cancer patients and their families. Donations can be made by clicking on the above "Donate Now" button, using a credit card or Paypal. Please note that the currency you enter is € and not US $. Donations will of course be billed to your credit card in the billing currency of your credit card.

1. I am asking all friends, supporters and those who donate, to walk, jog,
bike, ski or inline a distance of your choice. No matter if at home, on
vacation, on your travels in Europe or anywhere in the world.

2. For each mile you accomplished you donate 1 dollar;
100% of the donations go directly to the psycho-oncological care of cancer
patients and their families.

3. When you accomplished your task and have made your donation, you
can help even more. Please ask up to five of your friends, acquaintances or
work colleagues within five days to also do something good for themselves
and to support the Yukon Arctic Donation-Challenge 2015.

4. Introduce the names of your nominated friends on either your own Facebook page or on the Facebook page of "Yukon Arctic Spendenlauf 2015" and give them five days
to make their donation. Ask them to report about their accomplishment on Facebook and
ask five more people to join the Challenge.

5. You can see progress of donations on this fundraising site and many interesting and fun reports about challenge accomplishments on our Facebook site

6. Once more, please note that the fundraising currency is €, i.e. the amount of money you are entering is €!!!!!. You can donate with any credit card or Paypal account worldwide. Your credit card provider or Paypal will convert this to the billing currency of your credit card. For example: If you are in the United States and use a U.S. credit card, you are donating an amount in €. On your credit card bill you will see the corresponding amount converted into US $.

7. If you are uncertain about rules or have questions regarding billing please send an email to Emails will be answered in English.

Jörn Theissig
Ultra Marathon Runner

Verein Projekt Schmetterling e. V. ..

Verein Projekt Schmetterling e. V. .. hat diese Spendenaktion am 15. Januar 2015 veröffentlicht.

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