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Eine Spendenaktion von M. Reinartz



Worum es geht

This was an experimental fundraising event page, which was only advertised via a novel social media network.

Unfortunately, my attempts to spread this "good virus" were seen as spamming.

Maybe I recycle part of my idea for another use-case. However, this event is now closed.

Let's do GOOD during the countdown to Christmas.


YOU trust
- the transparency of,
- the decisions by my mother (always made by heart -> see below why)
- the power of the crowd.


1st, 4th, 7th, ... 25 € raised -> My Mum decides just after Christmas
2nd, 5th, 8th .... 25 € raised -> YOU / the Crowd decides at end of 2014 (via Plague, Twitter ?)
3rd, 6th, 9th ... 25 € raised -> This money will fund a project fighting Ebola

-> 75 € are the minimum I'd like to achieve in this experiment.. I am very curious how much more it might get!

Explanation of this mechanism:

1. MamaAid wants to empower people in their fight against Ebola (Just more transparently and democratic as BandAid ;-)). That's why a part of the money will do exactly THAT.

2. Let's Crowd-finance Good. Therefore, the crowd will decide where to delegate money raised by this campaign. However my personal motivation is an email by my mother ->

3. My Mum does not want any present for herself this Christmas. She wants her offspring to spend money on something meaningful. Therefore, I will donate myself to this campaign and at Christmas eve I'll ask her to decide to delegate every 1st (and 4th, and 7th ...) 25 €uros raised. You and I can fully trust her decision-making in the matter of doing good. She has open eyes for people in need, multicultural interest - with special connection to Mexico, and is very engaged to empower people world-wide e. g. by advertising fair trade.

Betterplace is the tool You and I can trust during the campaign. Any forwarding of your donations will be transparently published using this platform. You can thank by giving a bit of your donation to But this is not obligatory (Especially, if you only want to donate 1 € or so).

M. Reinartz

M. Reinartz hat diese Spendenaktion am 13. Dezember 2014 veröffentlicht.

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