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Eine Spendenaktion von C. Mayr-Harting



Worum es geht

A number of West African countries are experiencing the worst Ebola epidemic in history. As of 10 October over 8399 people have been infected and more than 4033 have died in the five affected countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the epidemic a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), calling for a coordinated international response.

This rapidly deteriorating situation constitutes a particularly great danger for children and their families. Until now, no effective treatment against Ebola exists. Early information for the population is therefore key. Many people don’t know about the disease or don’t believe in it. As the virus spreads trough body fluids children are particularly vulnerable. Children playing together in unhygienic environments – without access to clean drinking water – infect each other very easily.

UNICEF helps in containing the spread of the Ebola-Virus. With your donation UNICEF can provide clean drinking water and educate on how to protect against Ebola. UNICEF also provides treatment tents, medication and disinfection material. UNICEF aid workers educate the population through clear info posters that are also easily understandable for children.

The Austrian Permanent Representation to the EU wants to help UNICEF in its work and has therefore decided to participate in the ACERTA BRUSSELS EKIDEN RELAY MARATHON ( on October 18th to raise awareness of the Ebola health virus. Our delegation, consistent of Clemens, Johannes, Klaus, Lucia, Robert and Stephanie, are running as a team to motivate you to also support UNICEF. Help us make a difference by donating and spreading the word! Every contribution and support counts.

Further Information on the Work of UNICEF: (GERMAN)

Information by the European Commission on the Ebola Crisis (DG ECHO):

Stephanie KARNER
Klaus IRO
Johannes HÖGL
Robert WEISS

C. Mayr-Harting

C. Mayr-Harting hat diese Spendenaktion am 13. Oktober 2014 veröffentlicht.

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