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Eine Spendenaktion von T. McCartney

Toilets and solar lights for Tirmasahun, India


Worum es geht

Thank you for visiting this page. We are still accepting donations here but would prefer if you could donate at our new page...thank you

United for Hope is an NGO born out of a love for India and the wish to create more equality in the world. The United for Hope team works on a volunteer basis to create more dignified and safer living for rural India's desperately poor.

The donated money will go directly to the village of Tirmahasun in the state of Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest states in India.

More than 80% of the villagers have no access to a toilet.

People have to go into the surrounding fields. Especially for women this means a life of hardship and without any female hygienic facilities, diseases spread easily.

United for Hope has a simple solution that can transform both peoples‘ lives and their environment.
United for Hope provides sustainable toilets for all by providing up to 90% of the building cost.
We ask the community to contribute the rest. This inclusive, local ownership system - people having their own share and responsibility - has been proven to be the best long-term efficient development strategy by many organizations.

The first 25 families have already received toilets and we have a waiting list of over 70 hopeful families. A toilet for a family of five costs just 200€.

To ensure the systems bring the most benefits, United for Hope also provides WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) workshops for all villagers and training individuals in maintenance and repair.
The first of these trainings has already been carried out in February 2014, but we need to enable more people to participate and we need your support!

Improving the safe water supply is another key project.
The water in the village is not clean and thus causes serious illness.

United for Hope will install a water purification system and ongoing water testing, ensuring everyone has access to clean drinking water. A small monthly fee from the community will ensure the system is maintained and repaired accordingly.

Solar lighting is another key component in our project, as 60% of the village has no access to electricity. Families rely on kerosene for light. Kerosene is both expensive and dangerous. The fumes can cause serious health issues. Solar lighting will be provided for communal spaces as well as private homes to make life safer, healthier and brighter.

Please help us to make an impact. Help us to change people's life and to create more equality and dignity.

You can find out more about United for Hope on our website: or by following our Facebook page:

All questions around the project and donations can be addressed to:

T. McCartney

T. McCartney hat diese Spendenaktion am 28. Mai 2014 veröffentlicht.

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