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Eine Spendenaktion von P. Krömer

Dormitory for Orphans in Uganda


Worum es geht

Help us build a dormitory (sleeping facility) for 50 children in Uganda - we already collected EUR 7.400 through friends and family, but we are using betterplace to find your support to raise the missing EUR 7.000 to construct a 6 meter by 25 meter (i.e. 150 square meter = 1,615 square feet) shelter. Be part of helpcore!

Risk of malaria-carrying tsetse flies, insects and other jiggers, rainwater infiltration, inadequate insulation by corrugated iron walls, sharp stones on a dirty floor – that's just a small sample of the current sleeping situation, which the 50 boys between the age of 4 and 16 share at the Sserinya Primary School.

In order to establish a long-term solid educational framework for elementary school students, which especially allows sustainable and effective learning, these shortcomings need to be eliminated. It must be an infrastructure that provides protection for children against malaria and the cold. Here at helpcore we call this foundation “shelter by construction” – an essential part of our three-pillar approach.

According to the architect’s plan, EUR 14,404 are needed to build a dorm room with a concrete floor area of 150 square meters, 2 doors and 6 windows, including 50 high-quality beds and mosquito nets of Western standards, and a weatherproof roof. Of this amount, we only need to raise another EUR 7,000.

Once the 50 elementary school students can access this facility, we see a realistic chance that educational process can be achieved. The current state of the dormitory needs to be significantly improved.

Ideally construction would be kicked off with local Ugandan labor once we fundraised 100%. With local labour we can also catch two birds with one stone: helping the kids and supporting the Ugandan economy on a grass-root level.

You find more about us on

P. Krömer

P. Krömer hat diese Spendenaktion am 11. August 2013 veröffentlicht.

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