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Eine Spendenaktion von M. Wejle

The Mamas Rugby 2012


Worum es geht

The Mamas is a women's rugby team consisting of women, who are all mothers and still active rugby players.

This, for those who don't yet know, is, unfortunately not a very common combination. Women, for various reasons, tend to stop with their sport when they settle down with a family. Men, on the counterpart, continue. As you may be aware of, this is deeply rooted in our society and culture and the psychology behind is hard to understand and change.

However, we want to change this! We want to show the world - men and women, mothers or not, despite cultural background, that one can juggle both: family and being good athletes!

The mamas is more than a rugby team it is a manifest!

You can be a part of this manifest by making a donation! You have two options either become a full member, which entitles you to a yearly membership, and our sassy mamas supporter kit consisting of a vest-top and hotpants, or you can be a fan and donate any sum frome €5 and up. The money will be used for paying tournament fees as well as part of tournament costs with an emphasises on evening out the expense for the players both in real figures (some have to travel further) but also to give those who may need slightly more financial support a little bit more towards the expenses.

You also have a chance to help rugby charity project in Uganda. I want you to consider these girls while making your donation as in their case it is much bigger than just rugby it is a matter of a future.

Thank you very very much for helping us make this possible and to help change the world, if just a little bit, into a more equal, better place :)!

M. Wejle

M. Wejle hat diese Spendenaktion am 15. September 2012 veröffentlicht.

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