Online Fundraising – 8 top tips!

In the 10 years since was founded we’ve supported an enormous number of projects. Whether or not a project achieves its funding goals can sometimes depend on very specific factors. A whole lot of organizations have already been through the experience. So why not learn from them?

Our top tips from the experts:

1. Create a network

Spread the word! Tell people about the project and what you want to achieve. If people don’t know about it, they can’t support it. Tell people about your visions and goals and about all of the great work you’re doing. Use email, social media channels, your website, a blog and of course your private conversations.

2. What do you need donations for?

People like to know exactly what they’re donating to. So, try to be as clear as possible in describing why you require support. Could you, for example, use 20 Euros to buy a homeless person a sleeping bag? Or 50 Euros per month in order to provide a couple of German courses? Be creative and try to give your donors a feeling for what’s really being achieved through their donations.

3. Use photos and videos to tell your story

Pictures can say a lot more than words. We all like great images, photos and videos – and so do your donors! So, get out your camera and go out to look for some good material for your website, your project page at and for Facebook, Instagram and Co. 

4. Make donating quick and easy

We all know about confusing websites, that make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Donors all too often have the same experience. So, make sure that donors on your site can quickly and easily find where to donate. You could use our donations form or integrate a clearly visible “Donate Now!” button into your site.

Info: How can I integrate the donations form into my website?

5. Use multiple channels to spread the word about your project

More is more! At least when it comes to spreading the word about your project. 

Use your website, social media, emails and anything else that comes to mind. And don’t forget: you can even promote your project offline using posters or flyers.

6. Thank your donors and stay in touch

That way you’ll turn them into multiple or regular donors! Many donors who’ve donated to a project are likely to do so again – provided they continue to hear from you regularly after you’ve received their donation.

7. Tell people about your successes

Don’t leave your donors alone after they’ve donated. Celebrate with them!

Tell your donors how you’ve been using the donations and what they’ve helped you to achieve – ideally using pictures, videos and blog articles …

8. Turn your donors into multipliers

You can always find an excuse for setting up a fundraising campaign: birthdays, marathons, Christmas, even weddings! Let your donors know how they can use their creativity to support you. For example, by going without presents on their next birthday, and instead asking for donations to your project.

Here’s some more information about fundraising campaigns!

As you can see here, there are many aspects that go towards setting up a successful fundraising campaign.  

We hope these tips have given you a little bit of help.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch via email ( or call us on 030-56 83 86 59 – we’re always happy to help!