How to make your supporters fundraisers for your project?

When using, dedicated supporters can help you in fundraising your aid project. By starting their own fundraising event, they can collect donations for your project among their friends, acquaintances, relatives, or colleagues. Thus, they become multipliers and will motivate people for their fundraising event and therefore your aid project, people you may not have been able to reach before. The person launching the fundraising event can explain his or her motivation to have chosen particularly your project on the fundraising event page.

There are all kinds of occasions to start a fundraising event: birthdays, marathons, weddings, corporate runs, anniversaries. Whatever comes into your mind! You can find more possible occasions here.

The banner for fundraising events from
The easiest way to bring the possibility of starting a fundraising event for your project to the attention of your supporters is to integrate a banner for fundraising events into your website. You can find the code in the administrative area of your project page in the menu item “Banner”.

This is how the banner for fundraising events will look like:

Advice on how you can motivate supporters to launch a fundraising event The simplest way to convince possible multipliers to start a fundraising event is to directly contact them, personally or by email. Therefore, you need to identify your possible multipliers first. For this, you need to ask yourself the following questions: Who has a strong connection to your project? Who is already regularly donating? Who can activate a large network (e.g. artists or athletes)? A database of your donors or statistics about your fans on facebook can be of help in finding possible multipliers.

Don’t forget to support your supporter! Provide the person launching a fundraising event for your project with possible material, such as a photograph of your project or the logo of your organisation.
Of course the support also includes saying “Thank you” after a successfully completed fundraising event. Appreciate the person’s commitment and share a post on facebook or your website. This will motivate other multipliers and those soon-to-be!