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Multiply the impact of your donation

With a matching event on, you create additional incentives to donate. How does it work? You determine a certain donation budget in advance as well as the period in which it is to be used for the association of your choice. Donations are then multiplied by this budget. This way, you can create a significant incentive for other donors to participate in the campaign, for example: "We'll add 20 % to every donation". This way, a budget of 10,000 € can quickly be doubled or even multiplied for a good cause. offers the technical infrastructure and years of experience with companies to make your matching event successful.

Your benefits

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Generate more visibility for your social committment

Stand out from the competition: Show as a company what you stand for and make your social commitment visible to all target groups in a lively and public way.

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Create more incentive

Be a role model and create a greater incentive for other donors to participate. Get the most out of your donation by multiplying the donations by your donation budget. This way, you can sometimes double or triple the donations for your favorite project!

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Hand over the effort

Leave it to to set up your partner site, handle donations easily and securely, and issue donation receipts.

A sample page from a project of 'Die Arche', where it is highlighted with a yellow bar that the Bio Company adds 20% to each donation

And this is how it works:

  1. Making commitment visible.

    You determine your donation budget, the time period and the favorite projects you want to support.

  2. Promote it together.

    We take care of the partner site as well as the donation and matching processing, so that you and the associations of your choice can focus on communicating and spreading your social commitment to your target groups.

  3. Triple effect.

    With a matching event, your donation has a triple effect: As a communication event for the organizations, as a donation incentive and as a multiplier of the donation amount.

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