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How it works

Choose your projects

Simply select non-profit projects that you want to support. We will create a fundraising page in your corporate design within 24 hours.

Collect donations easily and enjoyably

Invite your employees to donate on your campaign page. You then collect money for the projects together – for example for Christmas, sporting events or in the event of a disaster.

Distribute the donations and celebrate your success

Once the fundraising event is over, you distribute the donations your company received to the projects that matter most to you. You also can post a blog to celebrate the success with all your supporters.

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Your benefits


  1. Quick and easy assistance.

    Give your employees the opportunity to support good causes directly and securely. A donation receipt is issued to each donor.

  2. Extend your reach.

    Everyone can take part in your online fundraising event – in all locations and at any time.

  3. Strengthen bonds.

    Doing good things together is an enjoyable bonding experience.


Capgemini | Fundraising event for Christmas

„We are committed to a sustainable and inclusive future throughout the year with a variety of social projects. Our annual Christmas fundraising with is a matter of the heart for us. We select effective social projects for all our locations and are thrilled each time by the response and willingness to donate from our employees. Thanks to the platform designed with, donating is clear, simple and transparent.“

Sabine Reuss
Head of CSR Board Germany, Director Marketing & Communications

Infineon | Ukraine fundraising event

„The situation in Ukraine has affected all of us at Infineon and it was clear to us very quickly that we wanted to help here. With, we found an excellent platform that made this possible very quickly.

And within just 3 weeks, more than 2,000 donations were made by our employees. The company ended up doubling the amount, which makes me very very proud.“

Dr. Christian Pophal
Head Corporate Sustainability and Business Continuity

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