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Let us build the first school in Oluundje (Namibia)

A project from Soulfood Namibia e.V.
in Oluundje, Namibia

In 2017 we helped to make the water flow in Oluundje. Now we help to build their first school. A school building for around 200 children and teenagers will be built in spring 2022. You can help to make the knowledge flow!

Volker S.
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About this project

We have been supporting our local partner association 'Mwakotoka Health Project' (MHP) since 2012 in implementing charitable projects. In 2017, with our financial support, they completed a 5.5 km long water pipe for 800 people in the remote village of Oluundje. In 2020 we supported the production of 2500 protective masks.
Now, we would like to support MHP in building a general school: The Ministry of Education has already included the plan in its program, the community has cleaned and prepared the site and the project committee has completed the bidding process. The school for around 200 children and young people is to be built in spring 2022. 

As with the previous projects, the idea was developed in Oluundje. We support the planning and take care of the financing, while MHP takes over the entire implementation on site.  
Help us and ensure that the common dream of a school in Oluundje becomes true.