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Funded Isuri needs Insulin injections urgently

Isuri is 12 years old and is suffering with Juvenile Diabetes. She needs Insulin injections 4 times a day and her parents can't afford the money for her treatment. With your donation we can help Isuri.

J. Kühn from House of Hope e.V.Write a message

Isuri’s treatment of insulin injections is costly. One vial can be used for five days and she needs to inject herself three times a day. She requires another injection at night. She also needs to check her sugar levels every day and for this she needs the prescribed sugar strips. Her monthly medication costs 40 Euro. Additionaly the family has to pay for the doctor and the check-ups as well as for transportation to the hospital. Altogether the parents have to pay 680 Euro per year for Isuri's treatment. The father's income is quite low. Without our support Isuri has no chance.