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A project from Drikung Denshe Ling
in Perpignan , France

MACHIG LING CENTRE OF SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING, is a Place for Meditation, living ecologycally, enhancing spIritual life, education on environments, yoga, meeting place for all walks of life.

M. Enderl
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About this project

Dear Dharma friends both near and far,

Machig Ling Centre is a nonprofit organization (under the applicable French Law of 1905), founded by Chöpa Lama. We are currently fundraising to purchase our first centre which will function as our main base in Europe.

Machig Ling Centre will support, for generation to come, the wellbeing of people from all walks of life though a combination of ancient Buddhist techniques and modern approaches.
The main goals of the Machid Ling Centre are:
  • Transmitting and preserving the precious teachings of Chö. These are the teachings of Machig Labdron, on how to free oneself through non-clinging, which became well known in the late 10th Century.
  • Spiritual wellness: mindfulness, traditional meditation, traditional retreats, Yoga, Tai-Chi.
  • Social wellness: art classes, gong bath, walking meditation, being engaged with other people in the community, helping those who are suffering with anxiety & depression. 
  • Environment: as our precious life depends on mother nature, Machig Ling Centre will be a place of ecology using renewable energies, developing permaculture, planting trees, promoting vegetarianism and providing education on the environment which is open to everyone.
We have finally found a wonderful opportunity to obtain a beautiful property that matches our requirements. It is situated near Perpignan in France and surrounded by forests, rivers and set between the mountains and the sea.
The total cost of the property is approximately 800,000 Euros with 600,000 Euros to spend on the property itself, and an approximate renovation cost of 200,000 Euros.

Today we have received donations of approximately 200,000 Euros - we have a long way to go to reach our goal of 800,000 Euros.

We would highly appreciate your precious and generous donations - without your support we are unable to accomplish this project. 

Any contribution you can make to enable us to fulfil this project and its goals will in turn benefit many lives for generations to come. This is a rare opportunity for anyone to generate merit, and that merit will become the cause for a better life - in this life and in lives to come.

Countless heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported our project already,
The Machig Ling Team