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Christmas traditions - From Essen around the world

A project from Freie Schule Essen e.V.
in Essen, Germany

Christmas is a feeling that we have in our hearts. Children can especially enjoy this festival of lights. Together with the children we would like to get to know old customs and new customs from Germany and all over the world.

M. Morzonek-Kolberg
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About this project

Christmas is more than just getting lots of Christmas presents. Christmas is a feeling that we have in our hearts. Especially for children, especially the pre-Christmas period can radiate joy, peace and coziness and trigger a very personal Christmas feeling. We want to celebrate these magical moments and revive our old customs. Get in the mood with baked apples, handicrafts, songs, poems and stories. Unfortunately, these experiences come too short in many families. In our facility, the children can experience what Christmas can mean and perhaps they will take something home with them.

There is hardly any other celebration in the world that inspires as many people as Christmas. But many countries celebrate Christmas differently. We will also deal with this. We will talk to each other and everyone can contribute their own story. We will travel around the world and see how other cultures celebrate Christmas. We want to broaden the children's horizons and contribute to integration. Many of our visitors come from other countries and thus have the opportunity to share their experiences and stories.

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