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CrispR Cas - Syngap research project

A project from Soley for Syngap1 e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Gene therapy gives us a lot of reason to believe to we will heal the syngap syndrome that affects at least up to 780,000 people worldwide. Thank you for donating and sharing this campaign with your friends and family!

Sophie Mahlo
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About this project

Soley suffers from a rare gene mutation called "Syngap1", The mutation leads, among other things, to untreatable epilepsy, intellectual disability, speechlessness and disruptive behavior. Her family is trying to cure this mutation and thus enable Soley to lead a self-determined life. Leading neurology researchers at the Charite and the Max Delbrück Institute in Berlin want to repair the mutation with the help of Crispr / Cas. That 3year project will cost € 60,000. Soleys parents have given € 10,000 and collected € 3,000 outside of this campaign. Therefore the goal amount could be reduced to € 47,000. Please help us with this project financially. You can learn more about Soley and Syngap here: