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One Week Student: shadowing a university student for one week

A project from One Week Student
in Berlin, Germany

High school students shadow university students for one week. By matching them we allow access to higher education for all young people independent of their background and significantly reduce dropout rates.

Svanja K.
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About this project

28% of all university students drop out and 17% change their study programs. Only one out of four children coming from families without academic background attends university in contrast to three out of four children from academic families.

One Week Student (OWS) provides a better career orientation and more equality in access to higher education. High school students will be advised by those who must know best – current university students – and get a taste of their potential future.

Currently, the network of OWS contains 5,000 students offering trial weeks in 431 study programs, at 154 universities in 99 cities all over Germany and the Netherlands. Additionally, we have a network of 50 local ambassadors and local groups.

With a donation of
- 50 Euros you make 200 High School students aware of our free service
- 100 Euros you finance one day shadowing a current student
- 500 Euros you finance a one week student trial week

One Week Student can essentially change the future of young people and allow access to higher education - especially for children with non-academic backgrounds.